Dear colleagues,
Due to a hacker attack on the Bulgarian Posts, we are extending the deadline for sending posters for participation in the 10th International Triennial of Stage Poster in Sofia until June 10, 2022 (postmark applies).
As you know, the special topic POSTERS FOR POSTERS has been further expanded with the motto THE POWER OF POSTERS.
Since we have received a lot of inquiries making it clear to us that some of the participants prefer sending files to be printed by us in Sofia we have decided to allow this option as well.
For this purpose you are required to send files in 100×70 cm format.
The printing price per poster will be 13 euro.
Payments will take place through PAYPAL– email address
The payments will be accepted after the 25th of May 2022.
We are looking forward to your posters!
From the Triennial team
Posters for participation at the 10th International Triennial of Stage Poster-Sofia should be submitted by June 10, 2022 (final possible date of postmark on your shipment)
For convenience, Bulgarian authors may submit posters on June 6, 2022, at the Union of Bulgarian Artists, 6th Shipka St., from 10 AM to 6 PM.
We remind you that posters have to be sent with the following postal inscription:
“Printed materials with no commercial value”.
Because of the war we are contemporaries in and the vocation of posters to express the feelings of society, we are expanding the special topic Posters for Posters with the message: THE POWER OF POSTERS
Срокът за изпращане на плакатите за 10-то международно триенале на сценичния плакат – София е 10 юни 2022 (пощенското клеймо).
За улеснение на българските автори е организирано и приемане в СБХ, „Шипка“6, ет. 4 на 6.06. от 10 до 18 часа.
При изпращане плакатите трябва да бъдат с надпис – печатни материалибез търговска стойност!
Във връзка с войната, на която сме съвременници и призванието на плаката да изразява чувствата на обществото, разширяваме специална тема „Плакати за плакати“ с посланието:

International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia

Участвай в 10-то издание!
Take part in the 10th edition!

©  Мila Lozanova


10th Stage Poster Triennial Sofia

Terms of participation:
Accepted are posters created during the period May 30, 2019 – April 30, 2022.
1st Category: Printed posters for cultural events —classical, modern, multi-genre, etc. display of theatrical, stage, screen, musical, visual or other type of art.
2nd Category: Posters on a specific topic: POSTERS FOR POSTERS
The organizers’ idea for the 10th anniversary edition of the Triennial is to focus on the poster itself, and on its creator—the poster artist. We expect to receive posters for solo or group exhibitions; for forums and poster competitions; for personalities from the world of the poster; posters that reflect your personal attitude towards the poster itself as a way of thinking and as a stage for expression.
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10th International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia

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